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A lot of times I don't have the luxury of doing behind the scenes videos because I often get too wrapped up into the context of what I am shooting.  Whenever possible I take advantage of my buddies that accompany me on a shoot.  There's always good vibes and a good time whoever we link up to help each other out.  I often feel that in the photography community that too many photographers are out for themselves and show ill-will towards others.  That particular outlook is never a vision of mind.  i will always be down to helping out another photographer whether it is out in the field shooting or finding them business opportunities.  With that being said lets a peek at a BTS video shot from my Osmo Pocket by buddy Jae "BFA" Brown...



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Wedding Photo Booth Who has the most fun doing photography at a wedding?  If you said the guy shooting at the photo booth you guessed right!  Why?  Because the main photographer has the job of detailing and bringing to life every detail of the couple's big day.  His job can be gruesome and very stressful.  He has the biggest responsibility.  Besides, if his photos are horrible the day is ruined.  There is not a do over!  However, the guy running photo booth is in a controlled environment.  He sets up the backdrop and his lighting arrangement.  He places the wedding props on a central table for wedding attendees to choose from.  And the best part of all he sits back and wait.  He can, at times, become an after thought during all of the reception shenanigans.  No one really realizes the importance of the photo booth photographer until after the wedding and reception both are over.  The oohs and ahs of the wedding photos will keep the freshness of the wedding in everyone's mind forever.  But looking back at the photos from the photo booth will show everyone that came to support you on your biggest day. 

Let's take a look at some photo booth shots from Yolonda and Dexter Williams' wedding reception:  


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